Multi-Column Text Wrap

Equalizes depth across columns. See Creds Page as example and code source.

Page Templates

A collection of Page Constructs using CSS

Link Behaviors

A collection of Hovers, Visited States, etc.

Element Swap-Outs

Local & Remote Content Swaps.

Button Effects

Single to Multiple Sprite Effects

Indent Second Line

This must be done with a combination of a first line indent and a negative paragraph margin.


Triad iMedia Index Template

This is the structural, all CSS template I developed for the Triad iMedia index page. It includes examples of:

  • Z-Index for a floating transparent header graphic
  • Floats, combined left & right
  • Usage of the Clear property
  • Multiple nested DIVs
  • Vertical Divider Double-Rule
  • Full DIV Image Background
  • Table-Based Drop Shadows

It also has an interesting transluscent header that changes opacity on hover (the translucence was applied solely for the purpose of seeing the underlying structure).


Triad Remote Swap-Out

Nav Column or right swaps out Content on Left


CSS Sprite MouseOver - Complex

Uses a single image sprite for a four-stage rollover, CSS driven. This setup requires all menu elements to be the same width.

Documentation - Safari Archive

Documentation - FireFox Archive

CSS Sprite MouseOver - Simple, Single Element

Simple two stage image sprite rollover.

Documentation - Safari Archive