Cayce Cookbook - Forms & Textfield Treatments


JavaScript Form Validation

Shiloh-style form validation


Basic Colored Default Text

Simple Default Text, JQuery. Colored text disappears on input, reappears onBlur if no input. Color control on default & input texts


Elegant Dahlin jQuery-driven Form Set Up as Pizza Order

• Radio buttons, verified, prices in code
• Checkbox Selections with max number, prices in code
• Default text in textfield, onFocus, onBlur, onChange events.
• "Get Price" button aggregates and shows price as plain text.
• "Delivery" selection adds address textfield.

Stripped Version: The Default Text in Text Field effect isolated.

The Paulist Press Ordo Android FAQ Page (include name: ordo_faq_droid.shtml)

Jason Dahlin has some nice work, seen here:
Web Archive
Dahlin Web Site

Contact Us - JS-Submit, JS-Validating Form  BEST for QUICK & EASY!

Seven lines of info & a Comments field.

• 9 Info Fileds
• Colored TextField backgrounds that change on input
• Default Text in TextField that disappears on input then reappears in Red onBlur with no input
• "Country" drop menu
• "Planet" drop menu
• Comments Field
• E-Mail Link
• Internal or External JS options

I modified the Default Text (in textfield) script from its original version, which can be found at path 'textField_default_text/MooTools TextField Default Text'. This adaptation allows for a red field background with white default text, a background/text that goes away once new text is input. If the user happens to delete the text then blurs out of the field, the default text changes from white to red as an alert.

Simple JS-Submit Self-Validating Form

Seven lines of info & a Comments fiels. JS Submit with JS Validation.

Simple Perl-Submit Self-Validating Form

Seven lines of info & a Comments fiels. Perl Submit with Perl Validation.

JavaScript-Driven Self Aggregating Form

Shiloh-style form

JavaScript-Driven, Aggregating, Multi Input Types

Catholic Prayer Bible

• Floating Tool Tip
• Checks for Price Range
• Aggregates Totals
• Adds Tax
• Colored OnFocus for 1st Stage Validation
• Multi-Input JavaScript Validation
• JavaScript Form Submit Trigger
• Form Reset Button
• Onload Reset
• Multiple Recipients in Perl Form
• Links to "Look Inside" Page View Construct


Allows display code to be selected & copied.


Default Text in Textfield - MooTools   DEMO

JavaScript MooTools driven default text in textfield disappears onFocus and reappears onBlur. Text can be colored

DefaulT Text in Textfield / Password Input   DEMO

Static TextField Text, for unchanging value