LogMeIn Setup (using Sharon, CSMT)r

Installing LogMeIn on Windows:
Go to LogMeIn.com
Click "Try It Free"
Fill in your email & choose a password. I'd suggest Saigon_333, since that's already in play and easier to remember.
On the next screen click Download and Install Software.
In the pop-up window that comes up, click Save File.
If you're asked where you'd like to save the file, choose Desktop. If it doesn't ask, look for the file LogMeIn.
Double click to open that LogMeIn installer file.
If you get a security warning alert asking to Run or Cancel, click the Run button.
Go through the Installation Process.
At the end of the process you'll see a panel saying Installation Successful. In the lower area of that panel, check the box marked Launch LogMeIn when Finished.
Click the Finish button and give me a call when you're ready.

LogMeIn Setups & Protocols


Computer Name: TAHOE

Login: Beth

PW: phoebe