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Problems Solved

Check this for solutions to problems already encountered.

Using iOS Promo Codes

Yet another chamber of the labyrinth. Good for Contractor Review.

Uploading an iOS Build

Uploading an App Build through XCode

Test User Accounts Setup

Yet another chamber of the labyrinth. Good for Contractor Review.

iOS In-App Setup

All about this thing.

About the Bundle ID

All about that thing.

Add A Testing Device - Just the Facts

This assumes all other certs are in play, that the dev environment is already set up, another device being added.

Add A Testing Device - Full Start to Finish

Everything pertaining to registering a new tesing device, including profiles, certs, etc.
Note: This full list of procedures was taken from an app development platform called Xamarin. I selected it for its thoroughness, cleaned it up, but some of the procedures may still be proprietary to that environment. Be aware of that while exporing.

App Distribution Guide PDF

254 pages of iOS App Develoment Craziness


A list of developer and other useful forums.

Configuring Your Xcode Project for Distribution

Setting up the Project & Target Build Settings

Using the DaiWi Portal

Uploading an IPA File through the DaiWi Website

About Code Signing

yep... it's about Code Signing

Editing a Build Setting

Editng build settings in XCode

App Distribution Guide

A Collection of Resources

XCode Auto-Manage Provisioning Profiles

Setting up Xcode to automatically manage your provisioning profiles

XCode Developer Library

Apple Developer XCode Libray Topics

Export A Signed APK in Eclipse

Export A Signed APK in the Eclipse IDE

Step by Step Procedure for iOS in iTunes Connect

AStep-by-Step of setting up the iOS environment in iTunes Connect by Mag+

Certificates, Profiles, Etc.

Where they start, where they go and what they do.

iOS Test Device Registration

Locate, extract & load a UDID.